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California law consists of a body of separate doctrines. The highest law of California is the Constitution of the United States, which is binding on all states including California. The California Constitution is a source of law in the State of California. However, the United States Constitution is superior to the California Constitution. The California Legislature has adopted laws which are called statutes.

California statutes are grouped into codes or code books. There are 29 codes in California. The codes which have relevance in California domestic violence cases which are included in this website are the Code of Civil Procedure, the Evidence Code, the Family Code and the Penal Code.

California Trial Judges decide cases by applying California law and Federal law to the case. In addition to statutes, California law also consists of caselaw which are the decisions of appellate court Judges called Justices.

Many relevant statutes have been included in this website as general information for the reader. However, statutes change from time to time and the reader must consult with a lawyer to ensure the accuracy of any statute and for help with any legal issue.

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The stakes are high in a California domestic violence case. An arrest for domestic battery, domestic assault, criminal threats or stalking in California may result in actual jail, large fines, mandatory 52 weeek batterer's treatment program, mandatory alcohol education classes, and other punishment. For that reason, it is imperative that you have only a qualified criminal defense lawyer handling your domestic vioelnce case from the beginning. If you or someone you know has been or may be accused of domestic violence, we invite you to read the information contained in this website and welcome you to call our office and discuss your case with a member of our domestic violence law firm. If you prefer, you may submit a confidential case questionnaire which will be reviewed by a member of our firm and receive a prompt response.

If you hire Robert Tayac to handle your domestic violence case, you will know that your case is being properly handled by a knowledgeable, experienced, and trustworthy California lawyer.

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Mr. Tayac represents clients who have been arrested in the following cities and counties as well as other cities throughout California and can meet clients at several office locations in Northern California.

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This website is about California’s domestic violence laws and the San Francisco and Bay Area courts. Domestic violence cases in California are often worth fighting. Many people who are arrested for domestic violence are innocent and have not broken the law. A person doesnt have to commit a crime to be taken to jail by the police, especially in domestic violence cases.