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Penal Code Section 264.2

California Penal Code Section 264.2 provides:

(a) Whenever there is an alleged violation or violations of subdivision (e) of Section 243, or Section 261, 261.5, 262, 273.5, 286, 288a, or 289, the law enforcement officer assigned to the case shall immediately provide the victim of the crime with the “Victims of Domestic Violence” card, as specified in subparagraph (G) of paragraph (9) of subdivision (c) of Section 13701.

(b) (1) The law enforcement officer, or his or her agency, shall immediately notify the local rape victim counseling center, whenever a victim of an alleged violation of Section 261, 261.5, [Penal Code Section 262], 286, 288a, or 289 is transported to a hospital for any medical evidentiary or physical examination. The victim shall have the right to have a sexual assault counselor, as defined in Section 1035.2 of the Evidence Code, and a support person of the victim’s choosing present at any medical evidentiary or physical examination.

(2) Prior to the commencement of any initial medical evidentiary or physical examination arising out of a sexual assault, a victim shall be notified orally or in writing by the medical provider that the victim has the right to have present a sexual assault counselor and at least one other support person of the victim’s choosing.

(3) The hospital may verify with the law enforcement officer, or his or her agency, whether the local rape victim counseling center has been notified, upon the approval of the victim.

(4) A support person may be excluded from a medical evidentiary or physical examination if the law enforcement officer or medical provider determines that the presence of that individual would be detrimental to the purpose of the examination. [Amended by Stats. 2006, Ch. 689, Sec. 11. Effective January 1, 2007]