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Robert Tayac is recognized as being one of the most experienced private attorneys in California with specialized experience handling domestic violence cases and leads an experienced team of highly qualified investigators and experts who serve clients accused of domestic violence in San Francisco Bay Area Courts. He has specialized education, training, and experience in domestic violence defense, which enables him to effectively handle any case. Additionally, Robert is the only California attorney trained by the San Francisco Police Department in domestic violence investigation and he was assigned to the San Francisco Police Department Domestic Violence Response Unit as a police investigator. As well, Robert is regularly contacted by other attorneys when they have questions regarding how to handle domestic violence cases in California.

Robert Tayac has been involved in the criminal justice system his entire career.

His first position was with the San Francisco Police Department where he worked as an officer and a Police Inspector (detective) investigating domestic violence cases. As a police officer and Police Inspector Mr. Tayac saw people being arrested and prosecuted for domestic violence when he believed they were innocent of the criminal charges or the evidence was weak. The reason people are arrested on weak evidence was because San Francisco Police Department policy (General Orders) requires police officers to make an arrest for domestic violence anytime and everytime the elements of any crime is present.

As a Police Inspector assigned to the Domestic Violence Response Unit, the only type of cases Mr. Tayac was assigned to investigate were cases involving allegations of domestic abuse. Often, the facts surrounding the incident were inflated. Sometimes, the cases were overcharged by the arresting officer or the only evidence against the accused was the statement of one person. Mr. Tayac believes many good people are wrongly convicted of violent crimes against a spouse, partner or family member.

As a prosecutor, Mr. Tayac was assigned to a domestic violence courtroom where he prosecuted domestic violence cases. Mr Tayac has tried many domestic violence cases in court to verdict and has been on both sides of the aisle both as a prosecutor and as a domestic violence defense lawyer.

Mr. Tayac has lectured extensively on domestic violence issues and he knows how to defend these cases. Family issues are extremely complex and sensitive. Mr. Tayac understands the family dynamics often present and will fight aggressively to defend your privacy and rights.

Often, domestic violence is merely a symptom of other larger issues. Depression, alcohol or drug abuse, anger management, or communication issues are often involved. Mr. Tayac works with professionals in these fields and can get the help that you deserve. Sometimes, people involved in relationships make false allegations of domestic abuse when angry or jealous of their partner. Oftentimes, people ending relationships make false allegations of abuse to gain the upper hand in divorce or child custody proceedings. In other cases, what appears to be domestic violence related injuries are the result of an accident., self defense or a mutual struggle.

People charged with crimes need attorneys because the judicial system is not friendly. The prosecution often charges people with the most serious offenses the facts in the police report can support, and the police write domestic violence reports to support prosecutions and convictions. A person charged with a crime should almost always enter a plea of not guilty at their Arraignment when they appear in court for the first time.

For over fifteen years, people have trusted Robert Tayac to handle their domestic violence criminal cases. His office provides high quality, no nonsense, cost effective representation to clients. No attorney will achieve a better result for you or provide you with more accurate information in a California domestic violence case.


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